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Gospel artiste Kevin Downswell has released a new song and video. Titled ‘Light” the song speaks to the importance of allowing one’s light in the form of their values and morals, to shine in a world that needs it.

Downswell, who continues to use his voice as a tool of transformation is known worldwide for his message music. According to Kevin, “ As the World changes daily and we are bombarded by varied kinds of behaviors and norms that may not be in alignment with our God-given mission on this earth, it is most important that we understand the responsibility we have to let our light shine. The bible calls us to let our light so shine before men, that they may see the good work and glorify our Father in heaven. Therefore, there is no more time for us to play small and insignificant, we must let our light shine”.

With a child leading the way, the prelude of the track opens with a little girl singing the Sunday school favorite, “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine” before Downswell charges listeners to not allow our lights to go out. The video corresponds with the lyrics of the song with scenes of patrons in the national stadium holding their phone lights in solidarity. The video continues to show everyday Jamaicans on the street, singing the poignant lyrics to the song just before Kevin calls out other parts of the world, to let their lights shine.

Now in the last quarter of the year, Kevin is gearing for several shows both locally and internationally along with other music releases. Fans of Kevin Downswell can follow him on all social media platforms @KEVINDOWNSWELL and subscribe to his YOUTUBE platform at Kevin Downswell.

By Donovan Watkis

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