Khalilah Rose – Zion’s Lullaby

On a sunny day in London town we bumped into singer Khalilah Rose, from America. Her youthful energy and her clear, bright voice intrigued us to learn more about her music. The songs on her debut album Zion’s Lullaby are carefully woven melodies telling stories about a peaceful and meaningful life. “It’s speaking about this place where all of us, the entire human race, can live peacefully as one in harmony, a place where I think we all should strive to be.” Khalilah expressed to Vision.

Although having won the award for Best Female Reggae Artist last year, Khalilah Rose is still very much an exceptional rare gem when it comes to Roots Reggae artists. With music penned to inspire a generation, Vision set out to explore the wonder that is Khalilah Rose.
What makes you special?
My goal is to carry a special message but I would not be humble if I were to say that I am special.
When did you start your journey?
When I decided to use music as a weapon to fight Babylon and to uplift those who have been blinded to what’s going on. 
We all have someone who inspired us, who was it for you?
My biggest inspiration is the African nation that has been scattered. My greatest hope is that for those who are not happy with who they are, not knowing the true beauty of being African’ to unite and embrace their Africaness. That is the reason why I am on this journey. 
As someone who likes to uplift people, what is your take on bleaching?
It is something that has been done for along time. My mother, who grew up in St. Elisabeth, used to bleach having been raised with the cliché that anything too black is no good. She begged me never to touch bleaching creams as despite her beauty you can still see the damaging effect on her skin. Her experience has helped me to realise that you have know yourself and be proud of yourself. Bleaching cream breaks us apart as a human race, everyone wants to be the other thing: people tan to be darker and bleach to be lighter. That to me is another way of saying that you do not respect creation.
Which one of your songs uplifts people when they are feeling down?
I’ve been told Not Giving Up. Someone wrote to me: every time I listen to the song I feel so much better. The song talks about the struggle we as a human race experience, especially if you are in a concrete jungle and feel the pressure. No matter what, we are not giving up and believe the Most-High will lead the way.
I am very emotional and I feel a lot of the things that are going on in the world so strongly, sometimes it hurts me a lot. The only thing I can say right now: love the Most-High.
Who are some of the people you performed with?
I remember the times when I used to struggle to get on a show and beg people for an opportunity to grace the stage. Now I have opened shows for Freddie McGregor, Marcia Griffiths, Ky-Mani Marley and I was at Sting last year.
Who would you like to perform with?
I would like to do a song with Beres Hammond. I grew up listing to him as my mom is a big fan. The way he paints a picture with the music and words is so beautiful to me that I strive to reach his level.
Big up time!
I really want to give thanks to my parents who taught me that education is the key, and Rasta Queen who has helped me in the UK.


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