May 16, 2019
Joyce Blessing Wins 2019 Maranatha Global Worship Music Awards in Kenya
May 16, 2019

King Yellowman: His Past Fame & Making A Comeback With New Music

King Yellowman has gained wide popularity on the dancehall reggae scene in the 1980s with his “slack” lyrics not fit for airplay. With successful singles, including “I’m Getting Married in the Morning,” “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” and “Zunguzungguguzungguzeng” brought him worldwide acclaim. Being nominated twice for a Grammy Award, and he was awarded the Order of Distinction (officer class) for his contribution to Jamaican Culture and Entertainment in 2018.

Known as the rudest dancehall toaster in the ’80s with his bodacious and witty lyrics, with his absence from the dancehall scene in over a decade, Yellowman is ready to shine in the spotlight once again.

In his early 20s, Yellowman won Jamaica’s well-known Tastee Talent Contest, gaining national recognition. In the early 1980s, a string of his hit singles, including “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt,” Mad Over Me,” and “Operation Eradication” further catapulted his career into stardom. From a scorned orphan to be affectionately dubbed the “King of the Dancehall,” Yellowman’s initial “slack” style of more sexually provocative lyrics remains the most influential and paved the way for countless dancehall toasters to follow. Yellowman’s recording career has been prolific with his raunchy songs in his hay days. However, after his second life-threatening illness, Yellowman completely rethought his approach to music and after that devoted the rest of his career to more spiritual social concerns.

The music runs deep in the family as King Yellowman’s daughter, reggae/pop artist K’reema, has launched a new record label designed to extend the family legacy. Being inspired by her iconic father and his success in the music business, led her in creating Yellow Baby Records. Yellowman teamed up with his daughter to collaborate on the single “Father’s Love,” and the debut of the track on Reggaeville has over 1.6 million views and growing.


This song pays homage to the decisive role of a father figure in a child’s life, through which she honors her dad.



Over the years, Yellowman has been touring consistently all over the world; but he is particularly thrilled to know that he’s hitting the road with his talented daughter and releasing new music and his latest EP.

K’reema is also excited about her father’s latest project set to release under the label and is slated to drop this summer. His first single, “No More War” will be released in late April.  “I am very excited; it’s been a long time coming,” said K’reema.

His new single “No More War” which he also co-wrote with his daughter Kreema and is set to officially be released on May 23rd.

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