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Kxng Izem Unveils “Midnight to Dawn” EP

March 27, 2023 | By Susan Smith |

Kingston, Jamaica – Recording artiste Kxng Izem has an exciting new project in tow, his forthcoming double EP “Midnight Til Dawn.” Officially released on March 24, 2023, the project was produced by Ten24 Music and co-produced by Kalex. The body of work also features contributions from other producers/ composers – Shakespeare, Island.Wav, Delagroove, Ambrose (Sweet Rush Music) and Ceddii Sosa.

“The project is designed to take you on an exciting journey of new musical experiences. The vibe and feel is youthful and energetic, upbeat and embodies the youthful phrase “it’s a vibe”, the artiste highlighted.

Featuring elements of Dancehall, Reggae, Rock and Trap, the project promises to create a groove that any music lover would enjoy. With the respective sides being titled “Midnight” and “Til Dawn”, each one carries a distinct flavour.

“The Midnight side expresses potent and relatable lyricism, wittiness, consciousness, and a soulful Rastafari messages in a new and modern form with a lot of vibes. Til Dawn modernizes 90s Dancehall, which the industry has been yearning for.  It also has elements of Rocksteady and RnB to evoke soothing and sultry feelings,” the artiste revealed.

Produced to the highest quality, fans can expect a lively and relatable body of work which promotes consciousness through clean, well-composed lyrics. With important messages laced throughout, the project is also intended to showcase the fluidity of music and is poised to bring the artiste a breakthrough moment.

“I expect an explosive breakout into the world of Jamaican music. I want this project to propel my music into the mainstream music industry in Jamaica and garner international attention. I want this not only for myself but also for others who are doing the music in a positive way that is still youthful and ‘dope’ enough to play on the global stage,” he stated.

Intrigued by music, Kxng Izem started his musical journey in high school. Through his established popularity, he began doing promotions and ‘road management’ for a classmate in grade 10. His first official studio recording “Wildfire” was released in March 2021. Since then, he’s released other successful tracks such as “Haunted”, “Guard Ring”, “Stone Love” and “The Ruler.”

“For me, as a musician, the message is everything. I learnt a lot from Rastafari and Reggae music also helped me to have a more positive mindset towards life and people. With that knowledge, I always felt music was a very important way to share important values and so I always ensure that I put that back into my music,” the artiste expressed.

While the focus is currently on the double EP, the artiste is looking ahead and already anticipating future works following this project.

“The journey is long, and the rise is inevitable. I see myself as a front runner and so I’ll continue to work and remain humble as I welcome the opportunities as they arise while Kxng Izem’s music grows bigger and bigger,” he said.

The “Midnight Til Dawn” EP is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.

SOURCE Powerhouse Global Media

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