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December 20, 2015
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December 20, 2015

Lady Saw (registered Marion Hall) worships at Emmanuel Apostolic Church (EAC) following her recent Baptism

Emmanuel Apostolic Church

It was a low cut transformed looking superstar, now a newly baptised artiste who turned her back on the glitter of stardom who was standing near to me. Like Paul on the road to Damascus, a week ago she got the vision of eternal life with a small dip yet a lasting trip. Gone are the wig, weave, the nails, and the jewellery. She was hardly discernable …. a shade of her former self…. as we know her in the entertainment world. … yet she radiated an inner beauty and charm that was electric, if not magnetic.

Lady Saw

“I could hardly find anything to wear” Lady Saw confided … as she leaned on her shiny metallic silver Jaguar sedan.

Saw has had to fend off skeptics since her conversion. She has had her defenders nonetheless.

Nicki Minaj had tweeted “no weapon drawn against Lady Saw shall prosper”…. as an apparent reference to some negative comments by her detractors since (Lady Saw’s) conversion.

Speaking exclusively to Vision Newspaper after today’s Worship Service, the new convert said “I am so happy to be at this place, I was tired of being out there” as curious admirers swarmed like bees around the new Christian. New fans crowded the rather affable Superstar.


Bishop Everton Thomas

Bishop Everton Thomas

I caught with Bishop Everton Thomas, who presides over Emmanuel Apostolic Church, who said he first had an “encounter with Saw some two and half years ago …. I then prophesied to her that she would be singing on a bigger world stage in the future”. He had just completed preaching to his congregants of about five hundred.

Lady Saw

Lady Saw was quite receptive to the attention she was receiving.

Before we parted company, she rather candidly confided in me “I had to break into my car as the clicker battery was going dead” …..I was left speechless at this revelation.

By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist, for Vision Newspaper Canada

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