July 6, 2012
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July 8, 2012

LADY SAW – The Queen speaks her mind

by Deana Meyers
Last month we featured a One on One with Elephant Man talking about his hot #1 hit with Lady Saw, this month Vision continues the interview with the Queen of the Dancehall.
How was it for you working with Elephant Man on your number one smash hit Sidung?
It was very exciting. I had a lot of fun and the video was well put together. The set was awesome and the energy Elephant Man gives on stage is the same on set. He is a very hardworking and passionate artiste; it was a pleasure working with Ele.
You have been absent for a while, what prompted your sudden re-emergence on the dancehall scene ?
The absence was down to a few female artistes being very disrespectful and saying a lot of things; you know like – I am too old for this, I should step aside and do Marion, I should bounce and leave the dancehall thing to them. And the fact that there were too many of them trying to be me – copy cat Lady Saw style you know, she laughs, but then people were saying: ‘Lady Saw what happened to you – we miss you’. So I decided to get back up and show them that Lady Saw has long way to go.
You are the Queen of the Dancehall – how do you manage to maintain such high lyrical competition amongst your female counterparts as well as the male?
Darling I have no competition, I compete against three persons ME, Myself and I. What you see is what you get I don’t think of others so I don’t have competition. 
What’s next for Lady Saw? 
For now I don’t really want to say what next. What I do know is that I want to take a break. You know darling there are too many Lady Saws out there and because I don’t want to offend anyone I would rather not say what’s next, but Lady Saw is going nowhere. I have gotten compliments from Sly & Robbie and Beres Hammond who encouraged me as they appreciate my talent as a singer and as a DJ. Those thoughts keep me going, that’s why I sing. Age is just a number.
As the dancehall mumma, what advice do you have for young ladies who have their eyes on becoming artistes?
Reach for your goals and don’t allow anyone to derail you as there will be distractors that pretend to be your friends and are totally the opposite. Beware of people smiling with you and in the end become your worst enemy, just stay focused and be yourself.
What do you have to say to your critics?
Who are you to be mindful of me.
How did the collaboration with Lisa Hype come together?
I have seen her struggle as an artiste. A lot of people go through stuff and it breaks them, but it didn’t break her, she is persistent and if she gets that one chance to do her thing she will be great. She is signed to Jam2, and Jam2 is family. She is a woman and needed help so I took up the opportunity.
When will we hear the sound of wedding bells?
Lol! I’m John John’s eternity – we have been together for so long, we don’t have to put anything on paper or the ring on the finger to prove that we are married. We don’t need to rush anything. The way we live our lives is like a married couple and I’m happy.’


  1. Bob says:

    Lady Saw is the best!!!

  2. SES says:

    Gwaan muma Saw! You still have it!!!!

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