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Landing gear collapses as Mexican jetliner lands in Mexico City; no injuries reported

Mexican plane emergency landing

MEXICO CITY _ A landing gear on a Boeing 737 of the Mexican airline Magnicharters partially collapsed as the plane landed at Mexico City’s international airport Thursday evening, but no one was injured, authorities said.

Emergency crews rushed to the runway after the plane’s left-side wheel strut apparently buckled.

It was unclear if any sparks or flames occurred during the incident, but photos published by local media showed one landing gear strut bent and collapsed and what appeared to be retardant foam sprayed around it.

An airport official said the plane did not leave the runway during the mishap and there had not been any fire. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to be quoted by name

The official said the passengers did not use emergency chutes to evacuate the aircraft, but rather left by the regular exits and stairways.

Airport authorities said some of the 139 passengers were treated for “nervous crisis,” but none of them or any of the five crew members were injured.

There was no immediate information on what caused the accident.

One of the airport’s runways was closed for about four hours, but takeoffs and landings were able to continue.

The Magnicharters plane was arriving from the Caribbean coast resort of Cancun. Online aircraft registries indicate the plane is about 27 years old.

The Associated Press

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