Latest Entertainment News: Frankie Paul Is Dead at 52

Internationally acclaimed recording artiste Frankie Paul died today in Kingston Jamaica after a prolonged illness. He died in the UWI hospital … he was diabetic.  Reports are that he was spending some $40,000 Jamaican dollars per month for dialysis treatment (kidney machine). He raked up a bill of J$1.4 million Jamaican dollars, according to his sister. who appeared to be his caregiver.


Paul was a guitarist, drummer and vocalist. Among some of his songs were “Maliciah” … portrayed as a money gabbing woman in the lyrics of this song. He was multi-talented and versatike.


Among his varied catalogue were songs like  “Tidal Wave,” “Stuck on me,” “He Who cared,” “Close to you,” “Tusenpem”, “Worries in the dance” & “Only you” to name a few of Paul’s


His sister reported his death. It is not known if he was married nor if he had children and if so how many?

He had hits like ‘Casanova.’  Frankie Paul performed at the famous “Heineken Star time” which was well liked and supported in Jamaica.

Born and registered as “Paul Blake” he used the stage name Frankie Paul.

“We pay tribute to Frankie Paul who did what he loved …” declared Georgia Crawford Williams, host of “Every Woman”.  She dedicated her Friday’s May 19, 2017 show to Frankie Paul.

We at Vision/gtaweekly express our sympathy at Frankie Paul’s passing. May his soul rest in peace …. gone too soon.!!

Deva Miss kitty said “He was dubbed Jamaica’s Stevie Wander …. he regained some sight after an operation on a medical ship.” Declared Miss kitty on  “Miss Kitty Live” …. Continuing she said “it is  important that we give bouquets  to people when they are alive”  Miss Kitty concluded.

“I knew Paul personally .. he was versatile and very talented” HO’C-D. Vision’s SIC.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision/gtaweekly newspaper.

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