Latest UK Terror … One Dead … 10 Injured … Suspect Held …

As Westerners near and afar were celebrating Father’s Day, a third terrorist attack is believed to have occurred in the UK within the last three months. If confirmed as a terror attack, then this would be the third such attack since January 2017.

There have been a new day as it relates to terrorism in the United Kingdom (UK). The relatively crime free British society has been the target of terrorists in recent times.  Yesterday, Sunday June 18 was the latest of such violence on UK soil.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the first two attacks … one in Manchester, England when at a concert venue was targeted. When the end settled it was discovered that a suicide bomber detonated their device killing¬† between 18 to 22 innocent bystanders.

In the second attack two terrorists were shot death eight minutes after they allegedly committed what turned out to be the second attack which happened on a bridge with among other things, a motor truck being used as the weapon of choice.

Muslim Attack

Finzberry Park Attack was directed apparently at Muslims.

This third attack happened near Muslim Welfare House


When will this madness end.? We need to respect each other.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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