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The Wailers 30th Anniversary Performance

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ We may never get to know the real deal about why Lauryn Hill didn’t show up for the Grammys on Monday night. Both the singer and the Grammy bosses are sticking to their stories — which blame the other side for the snafu. Hill’s people say the singer bailed because her performance was announced prematurely and “without approval” by the Grammys. Hill’s reps also say she had shows to do all weekend, which left her no time to prep for the Grammys. For their part, the Grammy people say Hill statement is inaccurate on several fronts. Recording Academy president Neil Portnow says it was The Weeknd who asked Hill to perform as a surprise. Further, he insists the Grammys never announced Hill’s scheduled appearance. And Portnow notes that while Hill claimed she had no time to rehearse, she did make the run-though on the day of the show _ but never showed up for the actual Grammy gig.

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