Loyal Flames: I have to do music

Every singer who comes on the scene with a big hit ultimately leaves a void. A void that can only be filled with one thing: an even better song. Some artists remain one hit wonders forever while others find the right lyrics to match their initial success. 
Loyal Flames who burst on the scene with his hit ‘Mr Dead’ has placed us in this familiar state of anticipation: can he deliver again? Yes, he can! His new hits ‘Searching’ and ‘In This Time’ are very present on the airwaves. In Jamaica we met the charismatic singer to find out what he is up to.
What’s going on for Loyal Flames?
I have been in the studio voicing new songs and late last year I went touring with Romain Virgo in Europe: Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. The people in Europe love reggae music. They accept the message we as singers bring to them so very well. 
Being in Europe has taught me a lot. I realised that I have to continue with the music I am doing. Now I am sure that I am on the right track. There was a time when I considered doing dancehall music, but it’s reggae that allows you to reach out to everyone: young souls and big people. 
‘In This Time’ is a recent track of Loyal Flames which is getting a good response and a lot of airplay in the UK. How did you come about this song?
If you listen to the song it is actually derived from Mr Dead. In this time where Mr Dead nah give no warning … you have to live life to the fullest. I like contemplating about what concerns me – ‘live this life and live it right’ is my motto. You have to learn from life while living and enlighten those who are not reflecting about it or not paying enough attention. Plenty of us know the right thing to do but we still do the wrong. All we need at times is a little push. That’s what Loyal Flames is here for. 
Your song ‘Keep Focus’ is released on of the Best One Drop riddims of 2012, tell us more about it.
It’s actually a very old song. I wrote it about four years ago. It tells a story of how people are not aware of the impact or powers of their actions. If I see a person with a tattoo on their skin, you will see me shiver. It looks painful. The bleaching thing provokes the same reaction in me. I think it’s not necessary. I am not saying that you can’t do it, after all it’s your life. All I am saying is it’s not necessary. 
We can’t fight no-one, everyone deserves a chance in life. I can’t tell another one how to express themselves. My music is more subliminal, I am fighting the situation not the people. I think that is the best approach to any problem really, this is why I think I have to do music. 
Big up time.
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