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LTtheMonk releases new album On The Wall

August 20, 2021 | Dalton Higgins |

Today Hamilton-based, London (UK) born and bred rapper LTtheMonk releases his highly anticipated new album On The Wall  on Canadian indie powerhouse label Sonic Unyon Records (Hayden, Sloan). On The Wall is a concept album that references filmmaker Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and the late iconic singer Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall, his favorite movie and album respectively. “This album represents my ‘Start With Why’ moment, as it’s my first album as a signed artist in the music industry, and with it, I want to show my love for music, and to declare my purpose of one day being on the Walls of Fame for Pop Music, Black Music, Art + Culture, and Hip-Hop. I’ve been inspired by two of the greats on this project, Spike Lee and Michael Jackson, and I want to continue to study the greats, and one day become even greater!” The 10 track album features singles “Dark Italians”,  “DeVante (In Your Hands)” and the catchy banger “2 Days In Brooklyn”.

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