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July 9, 2022
July 9, 2022


cash only sign in window due to internet outage.

July 9, 2022 | By Cilin O. Jarrett |

There was a major communications outage in most of Canada yesterday.  Canada’s biggest telecom operator Rogers communications shut banking, effected transport and government access for millions, due to its internet and cellular service outage.  Nearly every facet of life had been disrupted and customers were outraged that they could not do business. Internet access, cell phone connections and landline phone connections were all down.   Rogers customers could not reach emergency services via 911 calls.  Many are wondering if the stock market down today had to do with the communications issue.  There was very little access to radio and television.

Canadians who work from home, crowded into cafes and public libraries that still had internet access and hovered outside hotels to catch a signal.  The country’s border services agency said the outage affected its mobile app for incoming travelers.  Retailers’ cashless pay systems went down and banks reported issues with ATM transactions.  Many international transfer services were also affected.  Hospital and medical services were also affected as doctors were ordered to show-up to their health facilities until the internet services were back-up.

Rogers communications CEO has said that it is to early to tell what happened but has not ruled out a cyber attack.

Service started to come back online for some customers on Saturday morning after having lost a whole day of communications on Friday.

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