November 24, 2020
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November 24, 2020

Make A New “Friend Dem” With Gabriella Kochella’s New Video

November 24, 2020 | By Marie Driven |

R&B songstress Gabriella Kochella unveils a vibrant new music video to hit single “Friend Dem.” Powered by her bubbly spirit, the video takes place in New York City; the visuals were imagined and captured like the times.

In a tumultuous 2020, Gabriella wanted people all over the world to stay positive.

“During tough times, we need more content that calls for unity among people instead of division,” she said. Kochella continued with, “during the curation of the video, i kept the thought up, making people happy in mind. The single and this video should be the ultimate feel-good vibe style of music.”

She wanted to make a video that people can watch and smile because of her natural warmth, the song curates sonically. “Friend Dem” pays homage to her Caribbean heritage, infusing a dancehall beat and calls for people to love and adore each other for who we are. The artist hopes the upbeat tempo and smooth vocals help to uplift people the world over.

The song and video showcase her bright personality and draws inspiration from her Jamaican roots. To summarize everything, Gabriela Kochella drops this video to make people happier during a strenuous 2020.

The single is available to play on all streaming platforms, and you can watch the official Friend Dem music video below.

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