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Grammy-Winning Morgan Heritage Leaves Lasting Impression on Avrakedabra World Tour 2017, Releases “We Are” feat Kabaka Pyramid & Dre Island

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Photo: Dubai Summerfest with Morgan Heritage at XL Dubai

In a recent series of firsts and historical moments, the Grammy winning Royal Family of Reggae, Morgan Heritage thrilled fans and music lovers from Asia to Africa on the Avrakedabra World Tour 2017.

The worldwide tour is only befitting as the untraditional creation of the Avrakedabra album with recording sessions took place across 4 different continents highlighting the groups effort of taking Reggae music to the 4 corners of the Earth. The magical Avrakedabra journey launched in Dubai, where Morgan Heritage performed for the first time. It was a long time coming for the musical siblings who were humbled by the outpouring of love. “DUBAI history made with Morgan Heritage” proclaimed Kriss Darlin

Continuing the Avrakedabra World Tour 2017, on April 10th the siblings took the stage in Kenya and introduced Selah and Reggae Night from the anticipated album. The latter was a labor of love, as the Grammy winning band considers Kenya their home away from home. “Kenya has become one of our homes, so there are three places in the world we call home: Jamaica, America and now Kenya. We will bring our families here, in the very near future,” stated Peetah Morgan to a local newspaper.Placeholder Image

Trodding on to deliver Reggae to the world, the touring veterans renowned for their endurance, longevity and outstanding showmanship, made their historical performance debut at the Lugolo Cricket Oval in Kampala, Uganda to a capacity crowd of 18,000+ people. The beautiful country boasts the reputation of Ugandans being number one reggae lovers in Africa, and the people came in droves to witness Reggae history. The Royal siblings delivered true on a promise made earlier by Gramps Morgan at a press briefing, “It is definitely the first time we are in Uganda but expect a memorable show.”

As Morgan Heritage continues on the Avrakedabra World tour, a third single from the forthcoming album has been released globally not including North America. Produced by Llamar “Riff Raff” Brown & Morgan Heritage, “We Are” featuring reggae stars Kabaka Pyramid and Dre Island has received rave reviews and was featured on New Music Friday France on Spotify upon its release day of April 14th. Both artists named as part of reggae’s resurgence and revitalization, all depictions used of late to describe reggae music and the new wave of young consciousness-raising, spiritually awaken artist evoking a golden era when the Reggae legends from the 70’s sang of oppression.

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Photo: L – R Morgan Heritage’s Lukes, Gramps and Peetah Morgan, Jemere Morgan at Press Conference in Kampala

The Royal siblings who have worked with some of the world’s biggest names in music, explained the creation of “We Are”, “We got the track from the producer a year ago from Jamaica and when writing the song, the idea came up to feature Kabaka and Dre on the song. We reached out to them and they were both game to get it done. Their enthusiasm to work with us can be heard in the song. When putting on the final touches and mixing the song in Miami, we all felt this song would definitely connect with this “Intergalactic Generation” stated Mojo Morgan

“The statement “We Are” makes is simple. The youth are the future! We are hoping to inspire the young generation to come together, mobilize and change the world for the better. The future belongs to the youth, and we want them to start at a young age on working to make the future of the world better for all mankind.” Peetah further added.

Slated to be released on May 19th, Morgan Heritage upcoming album Avrakedabra is now available for pre-order:
North America and Global

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