Mr Vegas sends advice to Tony Matterhorn

Mr_ Vegas

Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas has issued a video dedicated to popular selector/deejay Tony Matterhorn, advising the controversial personality to retract his death threats aimed at Gully Bop and MC Nuffy.

According to Mr Vegas, Tony Matterhorn has developed a reputation for disrespecting others, therefore he should not resort to violence when served the same recipe he has fed to others in the past.

Mr Vegas also played a single released by Tony Matterhorn in 2013 titled Tweet War. The single was aimed at Bounty Killer and Mr Vegas, and claimed that they were gays. Now that MC Nuffy and Gully Bop have referred to Matterhorn in a similar manner, Mr Vegas believes Tony Matterhorn has no grounds to be upset.

“Him a sey right now him a guh tek it violent and if him see Gully Bop and Nuffy it’s on. But Magie, wi rate yuh as a selector and wi don’t wah see yuh get yourself in any problem because more time people just a sey some things fi mek people laugh and like them post just like wey you duh at the expense of others,” he said.

“If you are a person who always a dish out things yuh have to prepare for when it turn your way. When the tables turn a problem enuh, so don’t try turn the table in a man direction then when people start going at you, yuh get touches. If me fi tek wey people sey bout me serious pan Internet mi kill myself,” Mr Vegas said.

Mr Vegas’ video has been viewed over 56,000 times on Facebook.com. However, Tony Matterhorn is yet to respond.



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