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Grace Mugabe Is not Speaking To Emmerson Mnangagwa?

An eyewitness account of someone who attended the State Thanksgiving Service for Robert Mugabe in Harare Saturday 14rh September 2019 said in an interview on TV “Grace Mugabe was sitting in the middle of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his wife beside her. Emmerson spoke repeatedly to his wife and Grace kept looking straight ahead without uttering a word”. Grace is believed to be very upset with Emmerson for the role he is believed to have played in deposing her husband Robert. The bitterness is so bad that up to when the plane landed in Harare carrying the remains of Robert Mugabe no one except Grace and close family were privy to their plans. The State was planning one thing and the family had other ideas. A tent was set up, the eyewitness said at the last minute. The Zimbabwean government was planning to immediately bury Robert immediately after the State Thanksgiving Service … the family said no no. It is not going to be so. This was garnered from an interview monitored by Vision’s SIC from Harare. The compromise is that the body will be kept in storage and there will be a private burial at National Heroes Acres at a later date.


We understand from the said interview to which we referenced above that Grace is possibly short on cash which we have no means of independently verifying. What if any, is the motivation of the speaker? Is there a dislike for President Mnangagwa? We do not know enough of the background of the speaker. This not to discredit the account of events as stated. Just for us all to keep an open mind.

Also revealed from said interview is that businesses owned by Grace Mugabe have been closed and this may account for any speculation of her being short of cash. There is uncertainty as to when she will receive a pension if ever at all. These reports of possible malice and pension uncertainty are not good news for the future of Zimbabwe.



Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe addresses party supporters at a rally in Gweru about 300 kilometres south west of the capital Harare, Friday, Sept, 1, 2017. Mugabe made her first public statement since been accused of assaulting a young model in in neighbouring South Africa, but she steered clear of the incident in her comments. Grace Mugabe appeared with her 93 year old husband at a political rally ahead of next years elections(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

Are these and other underlying factors will be fertile grounds for reactionary elements in Zimbabwe to stage a counter-coup to remove Emmerson Mnangagwa? Only time will tell. What appears to be not in doubt is that the death of Robert Mugabe has left a vacuum of leadership in Zimbabwe and this is never good for any country. Despite his many sins Mugabe was able to ensure a measure of stability in Zimbabwe. The strongman has passed. Will Emmerson Mnangagwa have the leadership skills and support to lead the 50 million subjects of Zimbabwe without brutality and excessive force. We wait with bated breath.


Mugabe To Be Buried At Heroes Acres …

Mr. Leo Mugabe a nephew and believed to be the spokesman for the family said “The burial is private and will be held at National Heroes Acres.” He was responding to a question asked by the media on the details of what is turning out to be a controversial matter. The place of the final testing place for Robert Mugabe. I life he was a controversial figure in death there is still controversy. “As soon as work is completed on the burial site … he also confirmed that the burial will be private one”

We hope it works out for the family that their wishes are respected and Mugabe is laid to rest in dignity. He deserves the best in death even if in his final days he was not treated in dignity as head of state and the founding father of Zimbabwe.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who has been watching developments in Zimbabwe from the days of Ian Smith’s white minority government that ran Rhodesia prior to the the change to Zimbabwe.

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