Mysterious Fire In Mandeville Courthouse

PNP Controlled Municipality Fraud Case

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A fire of unknown origin took place in a judge’s chambers at the Mandeville Courthouse a few days ago where a high level case concerning a Fraud Case in which an estimated JA$400 million is believed stolen is being held. Ironically this Courthouse is a stone throw from the Mandeville Police Station. A brazen act indeed. Is it with the complicity of the police? We are just asking although we do not have any thread of evidence that this may be so.


This fire was discovered at about 4.30 PM smoke was seen coming from the courthouse. The fire department in Jamaica, aka Fire Marshall’s office has reported that the fire was confined to the upper floor and that it was a judge’s Chambers on the two storey historic landmark building. The Opposition PNP was in power when the fraud occurred.


Is this an attempt to subvert the rule of law? We hope not, as that would be shameful to say the least. We hope an arrest will he made. This fraud trial will not be stopped as a result of the fire. Justice should and will be served.

We do not know for sure the cause of the blaze and if there is a motive. We suspect that there is foul play. This is a highly political fraud case. The Opposition PNP is implicated as the Council is controlled by them at the Municipal level. The member of Parliament is Peter Bunting MP. For Central Manchester of the PNP. What if anything does Binting know?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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