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Natel’s “Flawsome” Takes To Social Media

Jamaica’s multifaceted singer, songwriter, and producer “Natel” has been bubbling on the International reggae scene since his series of releases with international DJ and producer, “Chuckie”. The exposure from these singles have opened various doors in the cross-genre markets, while creating a strong fanbase across Europe. Natel maintained his buzz across the European market throughout the rest of 2016. The release of Jay Psar’s “Addict” featuring himself and Liam Summers reached Belgium dance charts and maintained in the top 10 throughout the summer. Dedicated to his craft, the Jamaican songbird soared even higher closing off the last quarter of the year with a collaboration alongside Billboard artist, Kat Deluna, for the Japan release of “Forever”. The single made its debut as #1 on Japan’s iTunes charts.

This week, Natel took his new record “Flawsome” to Social Media for its release. The Jamaican-flavoured dance track have women around the world flaunting their beauty, posting selfies with the hashtag #Flawsome.

Natel gives us some insight about his new track, “This song is for the ladies dem, so I am excited to see that they are already enjoying it. Flawsome is all about accepting your flaws because that’s what makes you, you and awesomeness!”

Since the New Year, Natel continues to work on his upcoming E.P with a strong focus on his fans.

He shares: “This year is all about my “Tellogang”!” (A term in which he calls his fanbase.) “I want to give my fans a little bit of everything this year, expect some more Dancehall, with a little EDM, of course some R&B with a touch of Pop completed with that “Natel” twist.”

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