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October 18, 2012
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November 20, 2012

Natural Balancing Wood Beads

For those with a passion for fashion, the new trend of wearing over-sized beads will not have gone unnoticed. In London the colourful accessories are made by young entrepreneur Cerebral Hyper.
Stringed in different patterns, style and length, the special size of each bead represents the earth. “The Earth is 25.000 miles in circumference and my beads are 25mm in circumference.”
The beads are imported from West-Africa and made from Oak, a wood known to be very strong and durable. Oak is also a sacred tree under which ancient ancestors would hold a ‘circletation’ as Cerebral puts it, meaning a consultation.
“My beads are a way of paying homage to the fact that trees give us life because they are the main source of producing oxygen. Most people think it’s a fashion statement but it goes beyond just that, it’s about being in-tune with yourself. We need to be at one with nature as nature gives inspiration. Nature comes first, nature is why we are here. I pay homage to nature and that’s where the beads come in.”

What trends do you cater for?

I have certain styles like the autumn season beads: green, brown and orange, the colours of the leaves when they fall off. The Marcus Garvey collection: red, black and green, and the Jamaican flag colours. The best-sellers however are black and natural wood.
What made you start this business?
When I was younger I was a fan of Kung Fu films. I saw that the elder monks of a certain rank would wear beads, signifying honour, dignity and respect as well as wisdom. But most importantly, no matter how experienced the monk he is always willing to learn and accepts that he does not know all. Seeing the monks at peace and one with themselves inspired me. I always wanted to wear beads but didn’t know where to get them from so I made enquiries and from there started making bead jewellery. 
Bead chains have 2 regular lengths: 40 beads or 30 beads. Custom lengths and designs with pendants are available upon request.
Available at Pempansie and Diverse in Brixton, and Edmonton indoor market.
(or search: natural balancing wood beads)

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