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NEW Dead Babies Scandal as up to 60 are hurried & Counting


With the “19 dead babies” scandal still fresh in our minds, reports that a number of babies believed buried in pauper’s graves has sent shock waves.

May Pen Cemetery has been their final resting place. These reported burials appear to be a new scandal in the brewing.

Health Minister Horace Dally has confirmed that the bodies of dead babies have been piling up in local morgues …. one public facility and the other private.

They are babies not born alive, who died in their mother’s wombs … referred to as “stillbirths”. The mothers have abandoned these corpses and disappeared. “Efforts to contact them have failed” the Health Minister is reported to have stated.

The number is said to be about (60) sixty … and counting. The health authorities and by extension the PNP Government have questions to answer.

Public confidence in the healthcare system is at an all time low” said a health worker, fearing retribution …. has asked not to be identified. The twenty five year veteran of the public health system, further uttered “I am so sick from the mismanagement, that I feel like staying at home at times”

Dr. Dawes, Past president of the Medical Doctors’ Association suggested a new contributory health insurance scheme to fund the healthcare system in Jamaica, and also remove the political appointees from the healthcare system.

Health Minister Horace Dally has invited Dr. DAWES to meet with him so they can share ideas. (See picture sent with Dally on front page of Daily Newspaper.

by: Hopeton O’CONNOR-DENNIE,

Senior International Correspondent, for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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