NHT Committed to Meeting its Mandate for Housing

Chairman of the National Housing Trust (NHT), Ambassador Dr. Nigel Clarke, is urging more Jamaicans to start making contributions to the Trust, in order to secure a housing benefit from the agency.

Speaking recently in Westmoreland where ground was broken for the construction of two housing developments, Ambassador Clarke said the number of Jamaicans making contributions to the NHT is significantly less than those who are part of the national workforce.

The Chairman pointed out that 440,000 people contribute to the NHT, but over 1.3 million people are employed.

“Some people are self-employed, some work seasonally and some work informally. If you don’t contribute under the existing laws, then it’s harder to benefit. So, I want you to visit your local NHT office… sign up and start to participate,” he urged.

Ambassador Clarke said the NHT will be unrelenting in meeting its mandate of creating housing solutions for qualified Jamaicans at all income levels.

He pointed out that the NHT is cognisant of issues relating to Jamaicans being able to afford housing solutions through the Trust, and efforts have been made to resolve that matter.

“We want everyone to know that a home grant is possible for anyone who has contributed to the NHT for seven years and earns less than $12,000 a week. You can get a home grant of $1.5 million. We are trying to make homeownership affordable regardless of your level of income,” Ambassador Clarke said.

Meanwhile, he noted that between April of last year and January 2017, the NHT disbursed $15 billion in loans to contributors to purchase their homes.

He added that for the 2017/18 year, the Trust will make $18 billion available for home loans to some 7,000 borrowers.

Article by: Marlon Tingling
Photo from: www.jis.gov.jm

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