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October 7, 2019
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Noun Travel Announces Book by Woni Spotts: The First Black Woman to Travel to Every Country and Continent in the World

Egypt 2014

Antarctica 2014

CAIROOct. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster ride detailing the heartwarming life of a child raised in Los Angeles by Hollywood entertainers. It’s a delightful laugh out loud seventies flashback that explores everything from her early beginnings to her high school angst, set against the backdrop of her epic adventures in every country, every continent, and many territories around the world. The book explores her quiet quest for acknowledgement and the relentless forces that sought to erase history. It’s one-third memoir, one-third hidden history, and one-third travel guide detailing the best visually stunning destinations to visit worldwide. The book will be available before January 2020.

History-Making! Record-Breaking!

By September 2018Woni Spotts traveled to one hundred and ninety-seven countries. This number includes the Vatican, Palestine, Kosovo, and Taiwan. Spotts also explored Antarctica, as well as exotic territories like Greenland, Tahiti, Easter Island, The Galapagos, Hawaii, Transnistria, Western Sahara, Socotra, Tibet, The Canary Islands, and Cyprus.

Before Spotts came forward, she confirmed that travel clubs count travel to countries during Soviet, Yugoslavian, and Czechoslovakian times as separate countries as long as each country under occupation was visited. After learning that travel clubs had no ability or authority to “validate” travel. Spotts sought third-party verification. Woni Spotts’ travel documents have been peer-reviewed, verified by United States archivists, and registered by Noun Travel, a member of the Egypt tourism ministry. Woni Spotts studied with Egyptologists and has worked alongside historians of ancient civilizations all around the world.







SOURCE Noun Travel

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