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September 5, 2017
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Nu Republic Financial Services — A New Era In Financial Services

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Financial Vision for the Empowerment of Underserved Communities

ATLANTASept. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Traditionally financial services companies have typically specialized in one particular facet of the industry. If a company focused on accounting that is solely the service they offered. The same held true for insurance, credit assistance, lending, and realty. Nu Republic Financial Services has changed the landscape of financial services by incorporating the whole array of financial services under one roof.

Not only is Nu Republic dedicated to providing financial services to communities across the United States, but the company also focuses on providing the education and training required in all of the prospective areas that they specialize in. Certification courses are offered to all prospective employees to assure they attain sufficient knowledge and expertise in the respective service areas.

The intention is to create a new, well-rounded force of financial services specialist, prepared to address the needs of today’s economy. Rather than training one-dimensional individuals that offer standard services, Nu Republic is concerned with training agents to become informative sources of financial education for clients.

Serving the Underserved and Community Empowerment
The urban demographic is known for its tremendous spending power, yet when it comes to financial services and education, these communities are often forgotten and neglected. One of the primary initiatives of Nu republic is to offer empowerment to these communities by offering financial services and education to underserved communities nationwide.

It is the thought of the company that the industrial vocations that used to be strong economic bases for urban communities have been so greatly diminished that alternate industries must be activated in these communities to offer a financial infusion that will take these areas to even greater heights than had been realized in the past.

No other service offering can grant the type of dynamic impact that we see with financial services as offered in a comprehensive structure as we see with Nu Republic. Here with this platform we have a company that has a model that is orchestrated to have just as much financial benefit for the client as we have with the agent. The intention of the design is to offer a new level of financial empowerment for the underserved.

Higher Education
In a world where higher education costs are increasing and enrollment amongst the underserved communities are low and constantly declining, there is a need for an insurgence of alternative collegiate and vocational program offerings to communities across the country. Nu Republic understands this issue and has answered the call by instituting Nu University, a financial services institution that provides impactful and short-term financial services programs.

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