Oscar monologue rewrite by host Rock … Speak your mind loud my brother …

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)
(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

“God be the glory great things he hath done … ” Reports that the host of the controversial all white nominated February 28, 2016 Oscar will most likely reflect the mood if not lack of diversity of the nominees in the upcoming gala show is cause for hope. If you fail to stand for something you will fall for anything. If the exclusion is a racist move designed to send a signal that people of colour have low intelligence then this rewrite must say a deafening no.

“There is no super race” I long expressed this view in The Kingston Whig-Standard Newspaper, Ontario, Canada, that earned the undersigned “Letter of the day”.

In that same piece the now much talked about statement that ” Racism is an affront to decency” was published. Hitler exterminated Jews because he was a racist. People of colour have long been kept back either in the bus or the schools because they happen to be a certain pigmentation.

Martin Luther King

This celebrated liberator long said words to this effect “The colour of one skin is miniscule it is the content of their character”. Do allow me to add that it is only their contribution to national development that really matters.

” What is your colour who really cares” the first line from my much published poem well recorded on CD and otherwise.

Actors like Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, Woopie Goldbourne to name a few who have done exceedingly well and are still on stage … we have a rich history of very talented creators in the arts, music and performing on stage, on both the small screen and the big screen to look up to as past and present greats.

For the Oscars to white watch the 2016 big show is abominable and a low down act. This is a back ward move and is not sustainable. We must say it
loud without fear or favour. Stay away brothers and sisters irrespective of your colour.

Keep Oscars Color Blind

We must not allow backward thinking to turn back the gains of diversity. Let Rosa Parkes rest in peace, let Marcus Garvey and Martin Luther King Jr. to name a few of our liberators continue to be honoured. If the Oscars are to be respected and put up as the beacon reflecting the best on stage etc. Restore the glamour and prestige of the Oscars for posterity … keep the Oscars diverse and colour blind.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet social activist and photojournalist who is the Senior International Correspondent who writes for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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