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Outgoing Commissioner Dr. Carl Williams, Speaks to Simon Crosskill

Vision Newspaper

Photo: Carl Williams

Vision Newspaper

Photo: Carl Williams

The outgoing commissioner Dr. Carl Williams did an in depth interview which was aired on Live at 7 CVM TV. with host veteran Journalist Simon Crosskill. This was a pre recorded interview aired on or about January 4, 2017.

Crime Review

The outgoing Commissioner disclosed that some 1350 were murdered or a 11 percent increase over 2015. He identified St. Catherine, Westmoreland, Montego Bay, to name a few of the troubled parishes/spots.

Crime Front

All other crimes apart from homicides were significantly down. Rape for example is down 45 percent and break ins down by 24 percent.

“Dr. Carl Williams is not leaving under any cloud he realized he was not up to the task of leading the force … so he did the right thing by stepping aside” asserted Cliff Hughes, speaking on Cliff Hughes Online, today January 3, 2017 on Nationwide Radio FM 90.3.

Dr. Carl Williams announced his departure by means of his resignation dated December 1, 2016, his exit date January 6, 2017.

National Security Minister said the new Police Commissioner will have performance targets in his or her employment contract.

Novelette Grant

Deputy Commissioner Ms. Novelette Grant will lead the force for 90 days during which time a replacement to Dr. Carl Williams will be interviewed and hopefully selected.

Founded 1867

Ms. Novelette Grant has indicated her interest in the job of Commissioner.  She is only the second woman in the history of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), founded 1867 to be selected so far to act as Commissioner, the other was Deputy Commissioner Jevene Bent, now retired. Mr. Owen Ellington was selected over Ms. Bent to be Commissioner. Mr.
Ellington held the post for about three years and was suddenly retired. His reason for leaving was never fully explained to the public by the then PM Portia Simpson Miller led PNP government.

Ms. Novelette Grant took over on January 7, 2017 and has served for 35 years. She is about 56 years old.

Will she get the nod, and create history in the JCF by becoming the first female Commissioner of Police?  The feminists may  be privately lobbying for this to happen.

A female superintendent told me women could do a better job than men.

Another female Constable named Cowan, from the Mandeville Area, central Jamaica, is very much in support of a female Commissioner. “Women can do better in the top job” she asserts, flashing a broad smile.

We will have to wait and see what the Police Services Commission (PSC) does. They are supposed to be an Independent Body, chosen by the party in power.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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