Over 200 Grams of Cocaine Taken from Female Cop’s Vagina

April 11, 2022 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

A female Jamaican cop who was arrested in Southern Florida and who travelled from Sangster’s International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica was arrested for trafficking in cocaine.

Cocaine was found in various parts of her body, and undergarments including her bra. Two (200) hundred grams were allegedly found stacked away in her vagina.

Constable Allen also swallowed some 600 pallets of cocaine. These were extracted and expelled in hospital in Florida.

She landed at Hollywood Airport, Florida, USA. from Jamaica W. I.

Lottery Scamming

She was also accused of being in a gang that has been involved in lottery scamming. Constable Allen is also accused of being head of this scamming organization. Mail fraud and wire fraud are among the various charges that has been levied at the female Jamaican cop.

Millions Defrauded

The suspended Jamaican cop from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has also been accused of defrauding unsuspecting citizens most likely in the USA of over a million US dollars.

Plead Guilty

She has subsequently pleaded guilty to the charges. Sentencing is set for June 2022. She could get up to forty (40) years in prison.

Female constable Allen has since been suspended from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). She most likely will be dismissed from her job as a cop in Jamaica.


It is inconceivable that a female’s vagina has such a capacity as reported. We are told by law enforcement that woman constable Allen had stacked some two (200) hundred pellets of cocaine alleged in her vagina. We never imagined as stated above, that a vagina had such a capacity. On review it would appear that if a baby can be expelled out of a vagina then there has to be naturally some capacity.

We are also shocked that’ it is alleged that some 600 cocaine pellets were swallowed by the accused woman Constable Allen. We have no reason to doubt this finding. These pellets were said to have been expelled and hopefully counted … we suppose that seeing is believing. You cannot argue about the quality or veracity of that information.

It is disappointing that a law enforcement personnel as woman constable Allen is, has been accused of breaking the law she has sworn to be upholding. We note that she has plead guilty to the charges of trafficking in a prohibited substance .. which in this case happens to be cocaine.

We are saddened at this development.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, author, and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper Canada.

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