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Passing ‘Go’ in Cape Town: new version of Monopoly board game is set in South African city

By Christopher Torchia


new version of Monopoly board game set in South African

JOHANNESBURG _ You can now reach Robben Island after you pass ‘Go’ in a new Cape Town version of Monopoly.

The South African design of the board game was unveiled Friday. Monopoly, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, is licensed in more than 100 countries.

Properties for sale in the Cape Town Monopoly include Robben Island, where anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela was imprisoned; the University of Cape Town; the suburb of Camps Bay and landmarks including Table Mountain Cableway and the V&A Waterfront.

The board locations were selected through a social media campaign in which fans voted for favourite city spots, as well as consultations with the Cape Town tourist office and other local authorities, said David Sommer, a director of Epic Games, the South African distributor of the Cape Town game.

“It’s one of those cities that has so much in terms of visuals, in terms of landmarks,” he said.

Decades ago, South Africa had its own Monopoly game featuring a “mishmash” of places including Johannesburg, according to Sommer. Several years ago, the Nigerian city of Lagos became the first African city to be highlighted in a Monopoly game, he said.

Monopoly players seek to buy properties on the board, collecting rent from opponents. The goal is to drive other players into bankruptcy.

A manufacturer called Winning Moves is making the Cape Town game under license from U.S. company Hasbro.

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