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February 27, 2015
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(Photo by Mike Pont/FilmMagic)

(Photo by Mike Pont/FilmMagic)

(Photo by Mike Pont/FilmMagic)

The custom gown taken from Lupita Nyong’o’s hotel room this week may have been recovered.

The L-A sheriff’s office says a dress found yesterday in a bathroom at the London Hotel in West Hollywood “greatly resembles” the pearl-adorned creation Nyong’o wore to the Academy Awards.

Detectives are now trying to verify the recovered dress is the same one Nyong’o wore on Sunday.

The dress was reported stolen from Nyong’o’s room at the London Hotel on Wednesday.

The Calvin Klein Collection gown was valued at 150-thousand dollars — although experts say it could have fetched more on the black market.

(The Associated Press)

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