Perspective: Ontario Moves Against Racist Cops

Kathleen Wynne

In my perspective on this January 1, 2017 new rules for the police, commonly referred in the streets as “Carding” … as they interact with the public, and in particular the perception if not fact of racial profiling and the like and in which mainly blacks are targeted.


Ever since Kathleen Wynn, the first female openly gay Premier came to office as Premier of Ontario, Canada, there appears to be a definite policy shift to confront, if not stem racism. Ontario is the largest populated Province in Canada and the most ethnically diverse.

With an estimated population of
about four million, there have been undercurrent racial profiling if not downright racism in the Ontario landscape.

Mitzie Hunter - Ontario's Minister of Education
Mitzie Hunter – Ontario’s Minister of Education

Vision Newspaper has reported in recent times incidents either uncovered or under investigation, yes alleged incidences of racism.


For example the Minister of education Ms. Mitzie Hunter is awaiting a report on xenophobia/racism in the education system in Ontario by early 2017.

Minister Coteau is currently introducing new legislation aimed at strengthening Human and Family Services. Among the new provisions is new focus on removing discrimination on the grounds of being back/indigenous or ethnic profiling. We look forward to this new piece of legislation. Adoption will be also streamlined under this new dispensation.

Mayor Rob Ford Reincarnated

We cannot forget the efforts of Doug Ford to unite the community. Some reacted negatively to his brother Rob Ford’s unifying efforts … most unfortunate you may say.


Minister Coteau picAs we reflect on the contribution of mayor Rob Ford we must condemn those unprofessional elements in the media, in particular, who seem to have targeted Ford for ridicule etc. You, my colleagues have been of great disservice to Ontario on race relations.

If you support the view that “Racism is an affront to decency” then you will have no alternative but hang your heads in shame if you oppose reforms on stemming racism. You cannot turn back the clock as authorities are attacking the scourge of racist attitudes and downright racism itself.

We are counting down the minutes to January 1, 2017.

We hope the racist cops will draw “bad card” as we say in Jamaica, W.I.,

Perspective is written by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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