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When is sex among consenting adults for public consumption? It astounds me that sex among consenting adults now front page story.  I grew up seeing such salacious stuff in Playboy and other raunchy type magazines that adults … mostly those described as “perverts” would pick up at certain places. To be seen getting your eyes contaminated, much more so your brain would be frowned on. It now appears that anyone, especially of the male gender is being hung out to dry.  Is this really so? (See enclosed link)


Any man who decides to lower his zipper or take off his trousers is liable to be accused. When was the principle of assumption of innocence until proven otherwise thrown under the bus?.  It was not so long ago that such was the case.  Who has colted the game?

I am not here as an advocate to suppress people’s right to express themselves, but there needs to be a limit.  If you feel violated sexually, you should let the accused know … if not resolved to your satisfaction, then your next avenue is to have your day in a court of law.  The new thing is to name and shame.  The court of public opinion may not the tested and proven route to take.

Moral High Ground

Alas!  Unless the game plan is to bring the matter to public attention and hopefully get some form of moral support. The question is to what end? Is this fair to all parties? Moral issues do arise here? Two wrongs do not make a right. Does it?  We should opt, in my perspective for the moral high ground.

No one is safe from sexual assault allegation … male or female, black or white.


Most cases/offenses have statute of limitation provisions … in the English jurisprudence it is normally six years. Can you imagine that after thirty years of  an alleged sexual encounter one party suddenly realizes that they were “violated”.  There is no protection for the accused. Is there? Memories fade, people can now reconstruct an event and blackmail an unsuspecting party.  This may sound farfetched, but do not hold your  breath … it is the reality.  You may die from asfixiation if you dare to test the capacity of your lungs.

Bill Cosby

Men now in the sunset of their lives suddenly have their careers destroyed and or are being shamed.  The mere unproven allegation can stain you for life.

Bill Cosby fought back and a competent court of law failed to convict him for alleged sexual wrongdoing which it is claimed occurred years ago. Cosby did not roll over and die. He did not allow himself to be crippled by these allegations.  Cosby’s guilt or innocence is not being tried here. We should trust the integrity of the legal system.  We have a tested and proven legal system and we stand by same. Is it perfect? We are not saying it is. It gives each party a platform on which to be heard. Fair for all.

Kangaroo Court

In certain places described as low level/barbaric type societies …. to be accused of an alleged crime is tantamount to a death sentence. You could even be stoned to death in the public square without a fair trial. Jesus said “He who is without sin let them cast the first stone”  We are still waiting on the sinless to cast the first stone. “We all fall short of the glory of God”. We should not surrender to any Kangaroo Court system. Let us wise up brothers and sisters.

He or she who is without sin …

In the well known biblical story of “He who is without sin” … you will recall it was the case of the woman caught in adultery. Jesus was merciful and just. The need for fair play is here being advocated. This should not be seen as condoning wrongdoing. Wrongdoers or sexual violators should be punished by an established court of law. Full stop.

We Strongly Recommend …

1) Do not engage in raunchy bed play and later say it was mutually agreed on by both parties. This may not be a good defense.

2) To say the sex act(s) were consensual means nothing. Such seems to be not an acceptable defense anymore.

3 No longer rely on the unwritten rules of the  “playing field” … they seem to have suddenly changed without notice.

Let us not surrender our supposedly civilized society to possibly one of barbarism. Is this the road we prefer now, that should be taken?

This is our perspective. What is yours?  Feel free to disagree.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International
Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper … he is the father of four daughters, and is very protective of them.

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