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Perspective: Author: Trump is frightened by black people


The statement that “Trump is frightened by black people” is not crazy as it may sound.  There has to be some logical explanation why he is so paranoid about deporting people of colour from the USA. Black people have given their lives to build the great United States. They have gone to wars and fought beside whites and return in body bags.


When Trump sees the high level of education that black people have gotten … it is not surprising he is scared of us. We are great orators, singers, lawyers, accountants, etc. Who would not be frightened at such a brain power?


A person of vision who is on a  serious mission would use this brain power to further build America. Instead Trump wants to shut out such potential nation builders.

This is short-sighted thinking. We need real visionaries to be in positions of leadership. Without vision the people perish.

White people have long been intimidated by people of colour. Just get yourselves equipped and give us a break.

Let us be your partner for prosperity. Together we can really make America strong again. Whites alone cannot build the USA. We have the muscles and brains to be really productive. We just need to be treated as equal partners for progress.

Blacks are nation builders .. we are  inventors and academics so work with us for success. We are not a threat or to be treated as if second class citizens.

Poetic Commentary

Blacks stand tall …
Whether winter, summer, autumn or fall …
To ignore their achievements is to appall …
We need to build for the benefit of all …

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, and Senior International correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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