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Jassi Sidhu

A British Columbia, Canada pair accused of masterminding the murder of Jaswinder (Jassi) Sidhu in India have been extradited from Canada to India to face a trial for her killing, nearly two decades after her death.

These are serious allegations … to have recruited a police officer to employ contract killers to force a family member to marry is dispicable, disgraceful, disrespectful, demeaning to say the least.  These are not the values one associates with Canada.  Canada cannot be a safe haven for people with murderous intent or past misdeeds, especially murder.  They must face the full brunt of the law wherever the alleged crime was perpetrated.
Honor Killing
What the hell is that?  This is cold-blooded murder. There is nothing honourable about taking another’s life. Give me a break, for goodness sake. The justice system has spoken loud and clear that such crimes must not go unpunished.  Can you image the nightmare for that husband whose wife was killed because he was from a low estate …  the husband has been described as a saw man.  Shameful conduct indeed.  This alleged murder which have been said to be the mastermind couple must have felt that they were safe in Canada, but should have been haunted by the ghost of their murdered victim thousands of miles away in India.  Canada is a country that places high value on the sanctity of life and likes to operate by the rule of law.
The process was long but justice for the victim was never abandoned.  The appeal process was fully exercised and the final decision was allowed to be arrived at. Excellent job!
CBC has not kept us out of the loop.  We say thank you Madam reporter Michelle Ghoussoub for your diligence. I have been following this story from day one.  They were even taken off a plane bound to India, under the guise of abuse of process or a flawed process on instructions  allegedly from Federal Attorney General Jody Wilson- Raybould.
Canada rightly extradited this Indian couple back to India.  We commend the Trudeau administration for pursuing this matter to the bitter end.  Congrats!
The justices were not fools …
Indeed!  Were attentive at school
They stuck to the facts …
Never strayed from their tracks
Murder is murder in any language
In prison the guilty must tangle …
If you masterminded the crime
You must serve the time …
The Indian couple conspired to kill
They did so as if a thrill …
The right to life was ignored …
That route should have been preferred …
Ah, ah, ah …
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada

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