Perspective: Bunting Grants Immunity To Army … Betrayal Of Trust … Frustrates INDECOM …?


The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has found itself being impeded by former National Security Minister Peter Bunting’s strange move to allegedly grant immunity from prosecution to the security forces, especially the army for alleged atrocities committed during the Tivoli Gardens operations, in that bloody search for Dudus.

State of Emergency

There was a State of Emergency during May 2010 when there was a joint military/police operation in Western Kingston to capture then fugitive Dudus now extradited to the USA to stand trial for drugs allegedly smuggled to the USA. Dudus was not wanted in Jamaica for any crimes committed here.

In fact Christopher Coke aka Dudus got million dollar contracts under the PNP. It was the US who wanted to make life difficult for Dudus. Dudus enjoyed a good life in Jamaica … undisturbed and respected by many. That is why his extradition was resisted by the JLP, and supported by the community of Tivoli a known JLP enclave.

So was Southside a known JLP stronghold from where the Green
Bay victims were “abducted” and some executed … others miraculously escaped.

Former Army Chief Lewin referred to Tivoli as the “Mother of all garrisons” So Tivoli was long feared and hated even at the army level by their top bras.

Is this the point where the seeds were sewn for the Tivoli invasion? The flower germinated with murder and bloodshed in May 2010.

Was it this fear that encouraged the Green Bay Massacre?

Green Bay

The army has long been corrupted hence the “murder of 5 innocent civilians by them at Green Bay in 1978 … now known as the Green Bay Massacre. Others targeted in the army planned ambush escaped. (See Vision for additional facts on the massacre.


Stewart Saunders

Deadly Mortars

The almost concluded Tivoli Enquiry into the deaths of some 76 civilians allegedly mostly at the hands of members of the Security forces has found evidence adverse to the army’s use of mortars in a built up area. It is alleged that at least one death occurred by this means. INDECOM obtained a warrant to search the headquarters of up park camp but this is being resisted. The matter is in court.


Buntings decision to sign an instrument of immunity, if upheld by the Court could effectively legally allow the army officers involved in possibly cold blooded murder to walk free again. This would be an egregious betrayal of trust, on the part of Bunting to say the least. Bunting you will recall has publicly stated his ambition to lead the PNP when Portia walks away. Will this apparent Betrayal of trust by wanting to clandestinely grant immunity from criminal prosecution to apparent/alleged cold blooded murderers hurt his ambition
to be party leader? Only time will tell.

It has long been argued that it was ambition that killed Caesar?

Alas! We have held the view that it was a knife plunged in Caesar’s back by the pedantic Brutus following a successful plot with Cassius et al that led to Caesar’s demise.

As usual the verdict is yours.

Bunting a former National Security Minister is expected to set a better example by seeing that justice is done. Certainly not to be seen as trying to subvert the rule of law. Bunting is aspiring to replace Portia as leader of the PNP. Can he be in reality taken seriously?

Murder in Uniform

You will recall that the Green Bay massacre is the result of an ambush pre-planned … disguised as a legitimate army operation. This deceptive plot was intricately designed but poorly executed (by the army et al) to commit cold blooded murder. They nearly succeeded without detection … What went wrong and why the plot partially failed?

In my perspective, it was the divisive nature of the political climate at the time (1978) that partially foiled the plot … some of the human targets were executed and others escaped. The plot partially failed, in my view due to or as a result of this period of political instability … general elections occurred in 1980 that swept the PNP led Michael Manley government out of office. Decorated army officers risked their careers and freedoms to take part in what would be cold blooded murder … murder in uniform by supposedly respected agents of the state.

We are comforted by the fact that time is longer than rope and such is not supposed to be a joke.

Will Maj. General Saunders be criminally charged?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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