Perspective: Does Bunting Put Politics Above The Right To Life?

The former National Security Minister under the Portia Simpson Miller, PNP led administration has left a not so admirable legacy.  The latest revelation today confirmed by Peter Bunting, MP for Central Manchester that he signed a Certificate, requested by the army which has been  interpreted as having granted immunity from prosecution for criminal acts committed under the 2010 State of Emergency is the last straw that has left my blood boiling. Bunting also wanted to politicize@ INDECOM.


Is this lack of confidence in our judicial system the motivation for this strange move?  We may never know. Bunting cannot be trusted. Can he ever?


Bunting has always sided with the police against the watchdog body that was set up to police the apparent demonstrable conduct by the security forces that points to a lack of the respect for life. In short extra-judicial killings.  As reported in Vision, Bunting has long advocated an oversight  body to supervise INDECOM.  This recommendation has been viewed as an attempt to place INDECOM under political control.  It was a not so clever move on Bunting’s part. But of course God is not asleep.  His sinister plot was uncovered and it died a natural death. Good job!

This latest revelation that Bunting signed a Certificate trying to grant immunity for criminal elements/criminal acts committed by members of the security forces in their hunt for Coke is not surprising. There is a need to find a way to cover up certain atrocities by official means.  Bunting was likely charged with that responsibility by the PNP et al. He had the power and was in a position to be so corruptly used.


The PNP has always had a culture if not burning desire to corrupt state institutions.  It was the PNP who was responsible for pressuring the then Bruce Golding JLP administration to extradite Dudus.  Dudus had committed no criminal offense in Jamaica. They launched a relentless campaign aided and abated by certain disguised political activists in the media and elsewhere to have Dudus extradited.

Coup By Lies

In my perspective the master plan was to seize political power (coup) through lies and fabricated stories. They somehow succeeded, but the cost to human life with some 76 said officially killed in Tivoli and elsewhere was shameful. It is known that millions was lost in overseas reputational and other latent unquantified damages is still being felt … casting doubt as to when we will ever recover from that bloody incursion into Tivoli Gardens, which was an abysmal failure. Dudus was not captured that way.

Was it a coup by lies?

Coke’s Extradition

Dorothy Lightbourne,  JLP,  the Justice and Attorney General at the time was placed under considerable pressure to sign the Order to extradite Dudus. She relented. The plotters in the PNP had won.  This extradition of Christopher Coke aka Dudus, was in my perspective either illegal or was bordering on very poor judgment.  It was a sad day indeed.  Was the constitutional rights of Coke breached? Many think so.

What is your perspective? This is ours. We have no fear.

This perspective is long overdue, better late than never. Bunting has a lot be ashamed of.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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