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October 18, 2019
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October 21, 2019

Perspective: Canadian General Elections

Much depends on your vote.

The much talked about and highly anticipated Federal Elections in Canada will take place today Monday October 21, 2019. In 2015 there was a massive swing to the Liberals under the meteoric rise of one Justin Trudeau who is well educated with a legendary brand name from the Trudeau dynasty. Pierre Trudeau who is Justin’s late father blazed a credible trail as PM when he allowed many West Indians especially Jamaicans to migrate to Canada. He did open the gate wide by relaxing immigration rules. Jamaicans et al have contributed well to Canada.

Liberals Squandered Goodwill

The liberals were sitting well as they entered this general election, but unfortunately there have been missteps. Firstly there was the SNC Lavalin scandal. Then there is Jody Wilson-Raybould whose public rebuke of her boss has led to his image being severely damaged. Trudeau had labeled himself as a feminist, yet his public rift with two powerful women in his caucus has not helped his reputation. He ejected them from the party. Jane Philpots and Jody Wilson-Raybould both seem to have conspired to bring down Trudeau.


There is nothing like a woman’s wrath or scorn. You are bright people so you can form your opinion or come to your own verdict as to where to cast your vote. Ethics violations, blackface images and unkept promises have all helped to damage PM Justin Trudeau in the eyes of voters. Can you all forgive him?

Ungrateful Immigrants

Too many of those now called diaspora and even some second generation West Indians and in particular Jamaicans born in Canada seem to have forgotten what Pierre and the Trudeaus have done much for their parents etc. the success they have had to date and by extension the future of their children to come. On a personal level it breaks my heart to hear these my countrymen from yard and women now diaspora in Canada utter strange things … almost nonsense forgetting their past. Do you know that you have an unpayable debt to the Trudeaus? Most of you know that … so don’t be adventurous … just do the right thing.

Your Vote

Voting is highly personal. It would be both improper for me to tell you who to vote for or to go out and vote. That is for you to decide as an individual where you wish to place your vote. It is your future.. This is no ordinary vote.


Today is National Heroes Day in Jamaica… celebrated each year at this time. The actual date various between 18 to 21. The third Monday in October. We honour individuals who have served gallantly or whose outstanding service has made a difference to improve the life of our fellow folk. We congratulate those who will be so recognized. Ambassador Marshall a Jamaican of Canadian connection was so honoured some five or so years ago. We always try to highlight those recipients of Canadian links. Congrats to them.


Despite the above missteps by the Liberals led by Trudeau … it is my perspective that Trudeau deserves a second term. The Liberals need about 178 seats to get a majority to rule alone. He may just get same with a reduced majority. The polls show a close vote. Will the polls be proven wrong?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper Canada

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