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Perspective: Did Norman Horne’s Power Play Have Lisa Hanna’s Finger Prints?

December 14, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

We are still baffled by Norman Washington Horne’s Power Play and conduct. We are compelled to question whether it is the brain child of Lisa Hanna?  Horne had endorsed Hanna to replace Dr. Peter Phillips as party President and Opposition Leader. This is no secret. We have also learnt that Horne had run against Bunting in an internal contest for the right to represent that Central Manchester seat that Bunting held.  Was there bitterness from his loss to Bunting?

It is all so strange the misconduct of Norman Washington Horne. Who influenced him to disgrace himself is anyone’s guess?

They say that there is nothing like a woman’s scorn.  Lisa Hanna suddenly became ill immediately after Mark Golding won over her the Presidency. She was so ill that she was unable to attend his swearing in as Opposition Leader. We will say no more about that. We hope she is fully recovered.


True leaders unite their flock. This is a fact.  Despite the divisions within the PNP we have no evidence that Lisa Hanna’s finger prints are on the Norman Horne’s dramatics or no evidence that Lisa may have influenced Horne to so act. It is well known and accepted rhat suspicion alone by itself is by no means guilt.  Ask any seasoned police detective.


It takes individuals of sound character to resist being influenced by persons with warped agendas.

ARC Mfg. Industries

Horne has wide business interests that employs many Jamaicans. So Norman Washington Horne as a big businessman is well know … he operates a multi-million dollar business known as ARC Mfg. Industries. Horne’s business empire is expansive .. covering distribution, sales, manufacturing of building related products to name a known division. We understand that he has loaned the PNP 19 million Jamaican dollars and was only asking back for 10 Million.  This does not paint a picture of someone who is particularly scrapng at the bottom of the economic barrel.  The trucks of ARC Mfg. Industries are seen carrying supplies all over the island.  They also manufacture certain essential items for the construction sector.  Is it that politics makes fools of some of us? The Senate is an paid,  volunteer position.

Power Corrupts

We know that power corrupts, but we are not sure if the pursuit of same has the same effect?  Whatever it is he (Horne) went about the Senate fiasco with unbridled enthusiasm.  Akin to a bull in a china shop.  It was pathetic to see Norman Washington Horne respond the way he did.  For starters this is not a paid position. It has prestige and does raise ones profile to a higher level in the society as a law maker.  Whatever Horne’s motivation is/was, he was not transparent at all.


Norman Washington Horne is no novice or stranger to the Senate.  He was a former JLP Senator. He should be aware of eligibility rules.  He also knows he is a US citizen and holds and up to recently as August 2020 both used and renewed his passport for another ten (10) years which expires in 2030.  Dual citizenship and the holding of a US passport are disqualifying factors. This is settled law.  Long ruled on by our courts known as the Dabdoub case.


Norman Washington Horne demonstrated what can best be described as questionable integrity when he refused to confirm his dual nationality status.  By failing to be transparent and therefore come clean, he exposed himself in a most indecent manner.  In most civilized societies indecent exposure under normal circumstances is a criminal offence.  Expose yourself, and you face the full brunt of the law.

Bunting To Have His Day

Peter Bunting

Peter M. Bunting’s anxious wait to be sworn in as the 8th PNP Senator will shortly be over.  Come next week the necessary documentation should be ready aka Broad Seal of Appointment should be duly executed by the Office Of The Governor General. With patient expectation we await that moment.

Press Release

A press release sent purportedly by Norman Washington Horne stated that he had sent a letter to the GG resigning as Senator. Can this written document be trusted to be legally sound?  Horne did promise to do so and so far he has kept his word. Based on his recent conduct, can he still be trusted?  Time will tell.

Should Norman Washington Horne hang his head in shame? As usual the verdict is yours. This is our perspective. What is yours?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist & keen political watcher with international exposure

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