Perspective: Failed Parliamentary Coup In Jamaica?

PNP Walk Out Re-Examined …
We note with disappointment attempts by the Portia Simpson Miller led Opposition to embarrass the Andrew Holness led government by walking out of Parliament before the final vote to put the Budget appropriations into law.  Interestingly they had voted with the government all along to allow for the debate, yet in a strange twist they decided to withdraw at the last minute.  This was nothing short of a betrayal of trust and also a disregard for the many Jamaican voters who almost brought them to power.

Parliamentary Coup?

Did the PNP knowing that the JLP led Holness administration had only a one seat majority planned to out vote them and bring down the government?  A form of Parliamentary Coup.
In my perspective this action of walking out has seriously changed the dynamic of the cooperation which has served us so well for the past year.  The PNP is in no position to contest an election at this time.  They are leaderless, and if they are to be believed, they are broke.  So the real question is why did they do it?

One Horse Race

Was the move intended to stimulate their base on the eve of their  Delegates Conference set for Sunday March 26, when Dr. Peter Phillips will be crowned as leader.  This is an uncontested election as there are no contenders on other ballot.  In short a one horse race.
Is it that they are hungry for publicity, knowing very well that their action of walking out of Parliament would get them some publicity.  The Dailies were not impressed and the impact was not as expected.  In short the action backfired.
What is your reading of this sordid affair?  Well, this is my perspective.  What is yours? Feel free to disagree.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, SIC and Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper


 “Community Safety, Public Order and Violence and Crime.
This is Holness’ response to the crime and corruption in Jamaica
This was an outstanding display of statesmanship and good planning.
PM Holness must be commended for his scholarship.  We wish his plans all the best.  Crime is a big problem and the JLP government plans to set up a new Law Enforcement Body called MOCA.  This body will be separate from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).  The bill to set up this new Force has been introduced in Parliament and will soon be law.
This is long overdue.
This in a nutshell will be an Elite Force and will be answerable to Parliament.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie SIC VIsion Newspaper.

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