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November 16, 2018
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November 16, 2018

Perspective: Fly Jamaica Crash

Aviation Miracle
This incident of a plane crash is unfortunate but the fact that there were no fatalities speaks volumes of the skills of our pilots and crew.  They are well trained and remembered what they were taught.  The hydraulic system failed and this failure demobilized the braking system.  In short the brakes failed and this heavy plane could not be stopped.  The crash was inevitable.  This was a aviation miracle as there were no fatalities.  It could have ended differently.
The reports of theft by the first responders has put Guyana and the region in a bad light … in fact an extremely low down light to put it mildly.
How could so called professionals  be so depraved?  This is John Crow type behaviour.
Preying on the misfortune of people in distress.  Glad to learn that arrests have been made and items recovered.
Excellent Crew
The crew we are told were not spared this type of John Crow, low down conduct .. items were reportedly stolen from them too.  What was going through the minds of those first responders, mostly agents of the state, to have prompted them to resort to such low level tactics.  I am ashamed of this conduct.  The thefts unfortunately have dulled the excellent work of the pilots and the Crew.  These types of accidents happen across the world annually.
Landing Gear & Crash landing  …
Failure of landing gears to activate has occurred repeatedly.  Crash landing in the Hudson River, USA was well reported as there were no deaths.  The failure of landing gear occurred in Jamaica by an American Airline plane about three years ago.  Investigations just ended and confirmed this fact.  Jamaica was commended for being very professional.  We did not steal items of luggage and jewellery.  There were no reports at all.
We will keep up the focus on this Fly Jamaica crash in Guyana.
We are disappointed and do not condone such slackless as stealing at a crash scene. Shameful, a slack dispicable conduct indeed.
What is your perspective? Let us hear from you. Feel free to disagree.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC for Vision newspaper Canada.

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