Perspective: Ian Boyne hospitalised


We are sad to learn that veteran journalist Ian Boyne has been confined to hospital. Boyne is known to be very approachable, and never fail to be open and professional.

Earlier this year Boyne was struck by what is alleged to be a “heart attack”. He bounced back like a cat with nine lives.

Busy Schedule

The deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) has an extremely busy schedule. For example in addition to his day job Boyne conducts interviews like “Issues & Answers”, writes a very popular weekly article in  “In Focus” in the 184 year old Gleaner Newspaper.  Boyne writes on current affairs.


If the previous workload cataloged was not enough Boyne conducts his very highly acclaimed interview programme entitled “Profile”. Profile has been on TV for 30 years. It is a Jamaican staple and possibly one of the longest running local shows on television. Possibly the longest running show except the news.


Boyne has a church that opens its doors on each Saturday mornings at a popular insurance auditorium in New Kingston,  in our premier business district.


In an ironic move, Boyne’s family has asked for privacy at this time.  Boyne was always investigating into other peoples’ lives yet his family is asking us to treat his illness and life privately.  Boyne is a very public person who became a staple part of our viewing diet for over three decades. It sounds crazy to me for his family to be so concerned with his privacy. What is good for the geese is not good for the gander, right!. In my perspective Boyne is not entitled to more privacy than the average John or Jane Doe. Your request sounds on the surface to  be bordering on the immoral, to say the least.

Ironically JIS seems to gripped in a morality crisis.

We wish Mr. Ian Boyne all the success with a speedy and complete recovery.

This is our perspective, what is yours?

Hopeton O’CONNOR-DENNIE is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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