Internationally Acclaimed Reggae Artiste Popcaan Is No Saint Peter

July 14, 2022 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Popcaan’s Barbados Escapades

There has been a lot of press and the name Popcaan has been trending on Social Media. His attorneys Bert Samuels et al have been making a lot of noise and Bert Samuels himself has been engaged in a lot of chatter regarding information from the authorities in Barbados and re released by the Jamaica Constabulary (JCF) Force/International Police (Interpol) regarding the fact that Popcaan has had criminal records in that tiny Republic in the Caribbean of some 320,000 population.

Samuels is demanding that the JCF apologize for stating the facts that Popcaan has not been a saint and does have a not so impressive record now expunged in Barbados. There was a deadline demanded, which has passed and not met by the JCF. The JCF got the information from Interpol and as such they did not manufacture these records out of malice nor bad blood against someone who has had run ins with the law in Barbados repeatedly. What should the JCF apologize for?

Does Samuels et al want law enforcement to falsify the records to suit their client? It is all so crazy. Popcaan has not been St. Peter as related in the bible. Nor Saul on conversion who became Paul. Popcaan had numerous run ins with the law especially in Barbados.

Poetic Perspective

Popcaan seems addicted to a smoke…
And that is no joke …
We may never know why?
Scientific evidence is that it puts inhalers on a high …

St. Peter

Despite being described as the rock on which Jesus has built His church was a reformed criminal. He did cut off a man’s ear and denied the Christ three times, although he had been one of Jesus’s top disciples. Yet Peter repented and was restored to full communion with Jesus. Should his record not be exposed in the bible?

St Paul

Saul was notorious for persecuting Christians with letters of authority from the Roman Empire. The Roman empire was a Pagan leaning government. This was in direct conflict with Christian values. It was on the road to Damascus that scales sealed Saul’s eyes and he was led to Ananias and her husband. Saul became converted to Christianity and renamed Paul. Samuels need to help to convert Popcaan so he can stop indulging in activities which run contrary to the law and social order.


If you lay in a pool of mud how can you be expected to be coated with roses? You may successfully be able to stick some roses to your mud coated skin, so to say he did not have a coat of mud before the roses were pasted over him, would be dishonesty personified. The JCF has no obligation to so indulge nor does Interpol. They look at the records as they exist or is presented to them. That is the cold facts.


Feel free to sue Vision Newspaper for stating that which is public knowledge that Popcaan is no St. Peter nor St. Paul. These two saints were by no means angels as they both either broke the law or conducted themselves contrary to the social order just like Popcaan.

This is our perspective. Feel free to disagree. You may wish to let us know your views.

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