Perspective: Kevin O’Leary announces Conservative leadership bid


Kevin O’Leary has an excellent chance to be leader of the Conservative Party. He is not bilingual, but as he stated he will be in 2019.

The candidate has name recognition and is not considered scarce on cash.


As he has also advised he will focus on jobs and to provide jobs does not require the provider to be bilingual. Quebec will be Kevin’s main target.

The Conservatives have 12 seats there and has to pay close attention to this region if they can have a realistic chance to unseat the Liberals. PM Justin Trudeau has the youth vote locked up as we like to say in the West Indies.

Pierre Trudeau has paved the way for his son Justin. Some say it is a form of dynasty.

Having followed the footsteps of his father as Prime Minister. Pierre, daddy Trudeau is loved by West Indians, especially Jamaicans. He did a lot for us as an outstanding statesman and humanitarian.

Pierre Trudeau is a well respected world leader. Kevin O’Leary has big shoes to fill if he dreams to unseat PM Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada.

We wish him all the success in his leadership bid for the Conservative Party. They must win Quebec to go forward.

A strong Opposition is critical for the success of any democracy.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper.

Photo from: www.cbc.ca

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