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Perspective: Legal weed in Canada

The Senate has voted to legalize the use and value added components of the weed aka ganja.  Canadian consumers have long been proponents for the legalization of the weed.


Canadian entrepreneurs have shown their creativity as they have been prepared to employ whatever it takes to improve their production of the weed.  Planting occurs in various places and in igneous ways.  Underground garages, and artificially lit fields to name a few locations.

There has been various views as to what should happen with the legalization issue. Stuck in the past, many will vacillate and allow real opportunities to pass them by.  In the USA they are cashing in on the lucrative ganja trade.


The Canadiens are very organized based on reports that a number of dispensaries are up and running since legalization.


The high demand being experienced in Canada cannot be met.  Is this a chance for Jamaica to fill this  vacuum?  We hope so.  We have an abundance of the real stuff.

We hope Jamaica will not allow the lucrative weed trade to pass us by.

What is your perspective?  Let us hear from you.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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