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Perspective: The Mother Of All Betrayals


For former PM Portia Simpson Miller to have publicly endorsed Dr. Angela Brown Burke to replace her as Member of Parliament for her long held very safe PNP South West St. Andrew seat of 34 years …. has left many speechless.  Why did Portia disrespect her close associate Audrey Smith Facey? Audrey Smith Facey has been a confidante and very strong supporter of “Sister P” over 40 years. Portia is affectionately referred to by close associates and many others who pay attention to matters political in Jamaica as Sister P.  Facey is naturally devastated.


Mother Of All Betrayals

We long opined in Vision Newspaper that Sandrea Faulkner had betrayed her boss Portia by failing to offer the level of advice and direction as a media specialist.  We thought she had no rivals for that level of betrayal.  Alas!  We were wrong as a recent event as stated above has demonstrated.  This is sad, but not surprising … the PNP has long been on a sliding slope.  Did Portia convert Sandrea or just that birds of a fellow flock together?

Sandra Falconer

Power Hungry

It is unfortunate that a Senior Vice President in the person of Dr. Angela Brown Burke would have fallen to such a temptation.  We expected better from Dr. Angela Brown Burke who is very educated, a former Mayor of the KSAC and known to be politically savvy.  Angela is also married to an equally experienced politician who is the immediate outgoing General Secretary of the People’s National Party. Is it a case of power corrupts? or power hungry Angela could not resist the move?

It is a very sad day in the political landscape in Jamaica for a nomination deadline to be closed and reopened by a political party.  Shameful indeed!

We expected better from the PNP and their former PM Portia Simpson Miller?

This is my perspective … what is yours?  The voting for the selection of a candidate to replace Portia as MP will be held this weekend. There are 1900 delegates on record in South West St. Andrew Constituency.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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