Perspective: Of Wolves In Sheep Clothing – Who is Simone Wolfe Reece?

Al MillerWe at Vision Newspaper had begun to form the opinion that Reverend Al Miller and his “handlers” had either lost their minds or that gut to fight. It is widely believed that Miller’s trials were politically motivated. To fully put Reverend Al’s conviction in perspective we must do an in-depth look at what were the forces stacked against him. The players on stage, their backgrounds and analyse their possible motivations. Was it a tangled web?

Who is Simone Wolfe – Reece

As a public figure we all know her as the Parish Judge who tried and sentenced the Reverend Al Miller for “Perverting the course of justice.” The charges were laid after Christopher “Dudus” Coke was intercepted in Rev. Miller’s car reportedly disguised wearing a wig. Coke was believed to be enroute to the United States Embassy to surrender to his accusers who claimed he was involved in illegal drug related activities in the USA. Coke was not wanted in Jamaica for any crimes.

Former Attorney General & Justice Minister Dorothy Lightbourne came under considerable pressure to sign the Letter to Proceed …. which would effectively give legal authority to proceed with the extradition of Christopher “Dudus” Coke to the USA to face criminal charges.

Simone Wolfe is the second daughter of former Chief Justice the Honourable Lensley Wolfe … who attended St. Jago High School, in the old Capital of Jamaica, founded 1534.

Hon. Lensley Wolfe was a former Chancellor of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Jamaica & the Cayman Islands. As Chancellor he was the legal Advisor to the Lord Bishop and the Anglican Diocese in the Jamaica et al. Like her father Simone entered the legal profession following in her father’s footsteps. This must make him proud.

Patrick PowellAbuse of Power

Justice Lensley Wolfe was accused of “deception and unethical conduct and abuse of power” by a leading member of St. Jude’s Anglican Church, Stony Hill. The late Reverend Richard Johnson reported that he received a formal letter of complaint from the Wolfe family objecting to the characterization of Lensley Wolfe’s alleged conduct by this member who we will call Jonathan (not his real name).

Canon Law

Under Canon Law a disciplinary hearing can be held in case there is a dispute between members. The Wolfe family were then high ranking membrrs of the St. Jude’s Anglican Church. The presence of then Church Warden Clarence Clarke, Rector Johnson and accused member Johnathon was convened.

Interestingly the letter purportedly containing the allegations from the Wolfe’s (Wolfe family) was not presented nor were they present at the Kangaroo type hearing to face their accuser. Warden Clarence Clarke was most professional in his conduct.


One of Lensley Wolfe’s daughters was scheduled to get married, a public band would normally be published … the announcement of the wedding was read out in church. When no bands were posted on the notice board, as is customary, Jonathon started asking questions. The Wolves and their sympathizers, encircled their wagons. They got excellent support from Rector, Reverend Richard Johnson, now deceased.

He was murdered by what police described as his “homosexual lover”. Johnson’s murderer was convicted for the crime. Accused lawyer Aurther Kitchen said inter alia: “Johnson violated the dignity of his client known as Prince.”

The hearing was adjourned sine die. The matter has since died a natural death. The Wolves left St.Jude’s shortly after the incident. The wedding happened also.


The right to exercise all options/avenues if legally open to any citizen who is in conflict with the law is covicted … should be always persued. Use what you have at all times.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn bemoaned the fact that she was not able to appeal the acquittal of Kern Spencer on corruption related charges, and Patrick Powell acquitted of murder recently in the X6/Kahjeel Mais’ shooting … as she did not have the power in law to appeal both acquittals. In some jurisdictions this avenue is open to the prosecution. The British who influenced Jamaica’s judicial system is contemplating, if not yet in place, such a move. An error or judicial misconduct should such occur, should be corrected. Enough said, full stop … you are thinking individuals.

Christopher Dudus CokeReverse

Reverend Al Miller/legal team, have since reversed their decision not to appeal his conviction. (Vision on the 26th September reacted to this development

Finally, in my perspective, you must do what you think is in your best interest at all times. Also it is no secret the Rev.Al Miller is a strong supporter of the JLP.


Hon. Lensley Wolfe is strongly believed to support the PNP. We have no reason to believe his family are supporters of any other party.

This investigation & perspective are presented in the public interest as we feel the right to full disclosure should not be suppressed. We have no other motivation or hidden agenda.

Do you think these are Wolves in sheep clothing? As usual the verdict is yours. Let us hear your feedback. Feel free to disagree.

Perspective is a Vision feature written by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie who is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada & investigative team.

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