Perspective: Prison Reclamation … Sad Sexual Offenses Occurred


Report that a notorious prison at Bayview has been transformed to be used as a hub for Women’s Rights Activism is good news.

What is not so good news is that this correctional facility had the “highest rate of staff sexual assaults. This is shameful and incredible at the same time. Prisons have closed circuit TV system, so how such atrocities could have gone undetected?

A Correctional Facility is supposed to be a place for rehabilitation not a haven for predatory victimization. For the prison at Bayview to have acquired the dubious designation to be known as the highest level of staff sexual assaults speaks volumes of official neglect or cover up. In short anything goes here, Jane!

Human Rights

An incarcerated felon is robbed of their freedom of movement but certainly not their human rights. Inmates have been known to be sentenced to more time for assaulting other inmates and damages paid for such violations. Why were these warders/correctional officers not arrested and charged?

Scarred For Life

So you could go to prison for drugs and leave so sexually scarred for life or have your virginity taken or gotten pregnant there … certainly not by another female inmate, but instead by someone trained and paid to protect you.

What a shame!

These women were in fact easy pickings and proved to be sitting ducks. They were like lambs to the slaughter and sheep available to be preyed upon by wolves in sheep’s clothing. On the ready, ready to violated or raped without any thought for their welfare.


To offer as defense that the sexual encounter was consensual certainly could not wash. You as a correctional officer is in a position of power. To sexually violate is a serious betrayal of trust.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, SIC vision newspaper.

Photo from: www.huffingtonpost.com

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