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July 16, 2018
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July 17, 2018

Perspective: Professional Misconduct

Any allegation of professional misconduct should not be treated lightly.  These allegations should not be made lightly and should not be confused with genuine errors on the part of professionals in the case of who prosecuted the very complex case involving internationally acclaimed recording artiste Vybz Kartel’s  criminal charges which have been brought against him and his co accused.  Let us not be confused, these are serious charges indeed.  Do bear in mind that the body of the dead victim has so far not been found.

Right To Life

Anyone who respects the “right to life” cannot in all seriousness dismiss these charges or the information that led to allegations which form the basis for these charges in the first place.  A human being who has a right to live has been denied this right. Someone was murdered in cold blood.  This you will no doubt agree is not acceptable. Let such an activity be left to the Supreme Maker, whether God or whomever you regard as your God.  We normal human beings here on earth do not have the right to give life or take same.  None of us are so qualified …  whether we are Pope, Bishop, or Prophet/Prophetess.  To take a life is not our role. So we set up in all civilized societies a judicial system with a view to ensuring that justice is served and anyone so accused and tried will be entitled to a fair trial and a just punishment.

Justice System

This system albeit imperfect, has so far served us well.  From the investigator to the trial Judge who presides in a case are supposed to be well trained so as to maintain the highest level of integrity of the system and to ensure that allegations are evidence-based.  Allegations, must be proven.  In the case of criminal charges like murder, the threshold of proof is higher ie ” beyond doubt”  not a gut feeling or a hunch, not by race, male or female, nor religion or belief… all are to be treated equal under the law.  We even go as far a saying in criminal cases as stated above “Beyond the shadow of a doubt.”   The burden of proof rests with the prosecutor (police, DPP etc.).

Vybz’s Appeal

So when an accusation of judicial misconduct, as in the Vybz Kartel appeal case is made, we must treat the matter seriously. Of course such must also be proven.  We must be fair to all parties … both the complainant and the accused.

We await a response to these allegations of judicial misconduct from the DPP’s office.

In my perspective such allegations are serious and we hope a prompt response will be forthcoming from the DPP’s office, or from she herself. She is never shy to face the media. What is your perspective?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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