Perspective: Racism and Excessive Force By Police …

People of colour are 30 percent more likely to be shot by Toronto police with less than 11 percent of these victims having a weapon when attacked/shot by police.
Black and other minorities are most likely carded in Toronto.  Carding is illegal, but seems to be of little deterrent to police to act decently or within the law.
 Blacks make up approximately 8 percent of the  Toronto population.  Seventy percent of police fatalities by shooting is suffered by people of colour.  Excessive use of force is disproportionately used by police against people of colour reported by CBC The National findings of fact by a recent study. 
This is no news to us as systematic racism has long been reported anecdotally.  This new study proved what has long been suspected. The use of excessive force by police, appears to deep seated racism being acted out  (by police). Black lives are not placed at the same level as white people. Whites had 11 percent more weapons when they interacted with police.  They were less fatally shot.  Interesting, eh!
We are calling on Premier Ford and PM Justin Trudeau to act on behalf of defenceless blacks who are systematically under attack.
The police watchdog is dismissing the findings of the report, claiming it does not paint a true picture of the state of affairs. Good for them.
The reality is the reality and there is no escaping this fact. This is our perspective. What is yours? Let us get your feedback.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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