Perspective: The Royal Wedding 4 AM Harry & Meghan May 19, 2018.

A midst the pomp and pageantry and excellent weather thousands converged on the small town of Windsor, in the UK, with a population of 32, 000 swollen to about180, 000 of well dressed and enthusiastic crowd who came to the wedding of Harry and Meghan. 

“It is poetry as Harry is being married to a Black, and I am delighted.”  An African American woman.


Oprah Winfrey, Earl Spencer, uncle of Harry, casts of Suits all invited. DIAN from Indiana, USA, met Harry at Invictus Games. 
“Going to the wedding” some 1200 have been invited to this wedding. Davis Becham, the Cloonies, Amelia Thompson witnessed bombing in London, posed David Meghan.

A woman with no land and one heifer …. “Now I have 50 cows … I am surprised to be invited as I am an ordinary person”

Harry and Meghan met at the Invictus Games in Canada.

The St. Georges Chapel from the 6th century is a stained glass window.  This is heritage month in Canada.  Polls show that 70 percent of Brutish recently did not care much about he Royal wedding.  Harry was most popular in Britain, India and Canada … next was the Queen.

Adrienne Arsenal reporting from the broadcast booth for CBC News.  Kenningston Palace sent out the invitations.  Two  hundred invited,by Prince Charles to Frogmore House to a after lunch party.  It is a public celebration.  Will Meghan be wearing the Tiara of Harry’s mother Diana Spencer. The Spencers have been all been invited.  After Diana’s death, there was tremendous grief … Harry was very open about the impact of the grief to his mental health. The newspaper carrying a headline of him (Harry) naked.  He was hitting out … he was very young when his mother died, about 12.  They will ride in open carriage to lunch.  “He is the husband I have always wanted.  She (Meghan) was once a showcase model on TV.

The weather is 18 degrees. No one will heat up. The newly weds will both wear wedding bands. Harry’s is of Platinum. Prince Charles was married in 2005 to Camlla Parker-Bowes.  In 2011 Kate Middleton married Prince William.  Women wearing Fascinator hats.  Chelsea was Harry’s ex invited to the wedding.  In season blooms, garden roses. Soft cascade.  The Middletons 10:18 local time.   arrived. Two hundredand fifty members of the armed forces will be there at the Castle today.

2011 Meghan lived in Toronto Canada where she shooted the “Suits.” Harry spent 10 years in the army. He did two tour of duties in Afghanistan. He is a captain …he is Captain-General.

I926 Simpson martied into the riyal family.

Her Royal Highness The Earl of Sussex

The reD mptive power of love …when someone cares for you and you know it …we were made by love. Where there is love … there is power in love. To love is strong as death. Love is that we are here. A young of couple is in love and we all turn up.  Love God, love your neighbour. Live that love.  Sacrificial redemptive love.  Imagine when love is the way.  We wi ave justice flow like a flowing stream.  When love is the way we know God is the source, a new heaven, a new earth.  The harnessing of fire, made cooking of food. No industrial revolution without fire.  Controlled fire in the aircraft to get me here. Facebook, instergram.  Dr king was right we must discover the power of love.   Love is the only  way.God love you god bless you in love. Rev. Michael Curry, Archbishop of America. Someone commented that the goodly reverend stole the show.  Immaculate High students reacted.  Sun was gleaming off the champaigne glasses.

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