Perspective: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce selected by BBC 100

Excerpt From Radio Interview October 17, 2019.

“My baby was unplanned… my son and family motivated me … ” Shelly-Ann

The world 100 metros champion is being described as the greatest female sprinters of all times. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is one of the oldest females to win four (4) world titles. This is an almost verbatim account of what Shelly-Ann had to say .” I never limit myself … to what my body can do … God is good as I have done of the positive relationship … with my husband Jason … he works with me to achieve my dreams. We have a partnership not just a relationship. Zyon was an unplanned blessing. I was injured … such is athletics. My husband is always in the background… he allows me to do my thing. He does not talk much only at home. He is not a man who readily goes to church but I have to pull him to church. He shares my belief … he is not a deep as I am spiritually. He does not drink or smoke and dies not go to parties. I had a C-section. I was hoping to have a natural birth. When I told Stephen Francis my coach that I was pregnant he did not push me. I took time to return to training. This was ten (10) weeks after having my baby. I drank a lot of water. I got up early and had to rush back from studying each day. I started to go one day then increased same later.”

Turning to her baby “Zyon is easy going. He travels well and traveled 9 hours. I said to myself if I win I would bring Zyon with me around the track. Asked if she wanted to have more children. ” I am not sure if I want to have more children. I was so scared … in the four (4) months of my pregnancy I had to take medication. I had complications… I was hiding my pregnancy… I had cabin sickness (wanted to stay home … I did not get any cravings.” Continuing the 100 meters world champion said inter alia:

Sponsor Supporter

“Firstly I am grateful for the support that I have gotten from sponsors Grace Kennedy. Men get more recognition than the females at the 400 meters. When women showboat you are criticized. I think female athletes have done more for the sport than the women. They are the consumers. We are more than looks. We step up 100 percent because we do not get the recognition. I have the platform and I will try to do what I can. I have to try and play our part. We ate all role models people as people are always looking on and always look up to someone. Even if you are pregnant… do not devalue yourself … the current position you are does not define who you are. Doha was my greatest achievement.

I have been nominated for female athlete of the year. Go to the IAAF page and you will see my picture …(11) eleven nominees. They are all wonderful ladies.

BBC has named Shelly-Ann as among 100 most influential women in the world. We congratulate her on this great recognition.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Vision’s Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist monitored this interview with Shelly-Ann Frazer-Pryce a world-class Jamaican Championship athlete.

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